Saturday, March 21, 2009

Instructional DVD/Video

All of these videos are packed with information. I don't show twenty repetitions of the same technique so I can extend the tape series. I don't include filler material or "teases," but give an in-depth look at these subjects.


The Jun Fan/ JKD Trapping Series vol 1 - 4, Jun Fan/JKD/Kali Sectoring, Siko Ordibas/Tapi Tapi Drills and Hubud Lubud Drills are now available on DVD:

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Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do Trapping Skills Part 1 - DVD
The first tape in this series presents primary traps to initial strike obstructions and the all-important functionalizing process, and begins the progression dealing with secondary obstructions after the initial trap.
Approximately 58 minutes. $39.95

Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do Trapping Skills Part 2 - DVD
Volume 2 completes the double trap (first and second obstruction) series, and presents drills to develop the speeds of perception and reaction in trapping.
Approximately 58 minutes. $39.95

Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do Trapping Skills Part 3 - DVD
The tape presents the skills necessary to defend your trapping against counter-puncher during trapping, and begins the counter-trap series.
Approximately 45 minutes. $39.95

Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do Trapping Skills Part 4 - DVD
In Vol. 4, the counter-trap series is completed, entries are looked at in detail, trapping from defense is dealt with, and finally, how trapping is used against boxing completes this series.
Approximately 60 minutes. $39.95

Kali/Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do Sectoring - DVD
There are many systems that use elements of what we are calling "sectoring," also known in JKD as "time-hits," (simultaneous counter-strikes). For the first time, sectoring is being presented here as autonomous body of knowledge beyond mere "entry" moves. This includes the inter-relationships of possible time-hits and how those choices are made moment to moment. Sectors are also shown as a back-up for other tactics such as trapping and joint locking. These skills cross the boundaries of JKD and Kali.
Approximately 55 minutes. $39.95

Modified Chi Sao - DVD
The thrust of this DVD is less about how to play the game of chi sao (sticky hands) with another chi sao adept, and more about how it fits into useful fighting skill in the naturally sloppy world of combative instincts. This DVD includes; individual hand roles/applications; outside/inside defensive, outside/inside offensive, luk sao, drills from the roll, active/passive changes, non-standard additions, five ways of attack within chi sao, gua chuie cycle, single hand patterns, entry (clean and messy), loose boxing to chi sao and back, adding kicks.
Approximately 55 minutes. $24.95

Hubud Lubud Drills - DVD
This DVD goes into this Filipino empty-hand drill in detail. Contents include; Defining the Kali lubud/hubud drill, hammer/overhand cycle breakdown, active/passive beats, stealing beats, switches (double tap, outside pass, backhand, circle hand), vertical gunting cycle variations and switches, horizontal gunting variation, elbow variations (da kop, wave, lift), boxing into lubud, lubud to boxing, the loose drill principle, low pass and meet, elbow check series, taking the whole line, numerado principle and interruption, downward rolling elbow, underclip elbow, backhand cycle, honesty factor, integrating kicks, locks, and other sensitivity drills.
Approximately 56 minutes. $24.95

Siko-Ordibas/Tapi Tapi Drills - DVD
This DVD works through the Siko Ordibas (elbow and backhand) drill, and the Tap and Wipe drill. I also show how these drills are countered at each step, how they offset and blend with each other, and how these drills can move back and forth between who is feeding, and how to mix these drills with other sensitivity drills such as chi sao, lubud, elbow control and boxing drills.
Approximately 55 min. $24.95

Training Progressions Overview - DVD
This DVD deals with the overall arrangement of training progressions including technical levels and necessary drills. Areas covered: the concept of pre-requisite skills, mobility drilling, sticky evasion vs entry or stop hit, principles of body mechanics and power, drills for hand and elbow combination recognition, foul tactics, defense drill, kick ranging, kick defense drill, principle of progressive integration, relative value of choices, sectors (time-hits V jab/cross variations), trapping vs alternative lines, pros/cons of locks, sensitivity value, Kali based on sectors.
Approximately 28 minutes. $19.95

The Flow of Filipino Kali Empty Hands Volume 1 - DVD
In this DVD, we work through a comprehensive series of counter-attacks directed at the opponent's punches and kicks, and done in the distinctive way of Inosanto-La Coste Kali.
Approximately 45 minutes $29.95

The Flow of Filipino Kali Empty Hands Volume 2 - DVD
In this DVD, we work with Kali kicking methods, Kali trapping attack, primary gunting (nerve hit) combinations and gunting follow-ups.
Approximately 55 minutes. $29.95

The Flow of Filipino Kali Empty Hands Volume 3 - DVD
In this DVD, we go into the details of Kali's distinctive hand and elbow follow-ups to the opponents limbs and body, wrenches, joint locks and take-downs. Also for the first time on tape, we take a thorough look at foot trapping and crucial training methods to develop technical flow.
Approximately 56 minutes. $29.95

Street-Tweaked Boxing - DVD (MPEG4)
This show includes; boxing's street value, alternative tools and targets, street-alternate cover, foul tactics, high and low cover to elbow and hammer follow-ups, head butting, foot stomps, jamming. MPEG4 means it will play fine on a computer but not a standard DVD-to-TV player.

Approximately 28 minutes. $19.95


  1. Mr. Grody,

    I'm very glad to see you back "on-line", and to see you have taken your excellent videos to DVD format.


  2. I have been able to use most of your catalog in my own arsenal,thank you for the posts.
    I hope I haven't gotten burnt but I ordered your essential through Beckett media and it's all labeled wrong .When I played them ,it was the trapping series.

  3. Sifu Grody,
    I love your Videos, they are great. I have to say you are one of the most articulate instructors in JKD/Kali world out their in my humble opinion. I Enjoy your videos and I have been able to benefit extremely from your detail explanations of movement. It has helped me take my understanding of the curriculum to the next level. Thank you!
    Sifu Sean Elders