Monday, February 24, 2014

Palm Blast

Something taken from Wing Chun and used in JKD is a "Straight Blast," AKA Chain Punching, Battle Punch. Essentially, one strike is coming straight down your centerline to the opponent and as it withdraws in a slightly curving motion downward, the other punch is coming forward to replace it. Think of an uppercase "D" laying on its back. It may look cartoonish, but it can be very effective. In WC, it is often used to enter, but Bruce Lee found it could be too easily evaded as an entry and it came to to the following generations as a good follow-up.

In JKD and Wing Chun, hand conditioning is part of the training. Years ago when I noticed scarring on Dan Inosanto's fore knuckles I assumed that it was from conditioning that he did for Kali empty hands where he would use those knuckles to attack incoming limbs, but when I asked him about it, he told me "No, Bruce made me condition those knuckles for the chop chuie strike to the low ribs." Hard core. 

But many/most people do condition their hands, and in that case I think doing a straight blast with palms is a good alternative as you don't have to be as concerned about what surface you are hitting: if he starts to turn away, palm blasting the side or back of the head will still feel comfortable to and unconditioned hand.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


A while back I came across a review of my Filipino Kali Empty Hand DVD series that was from a few years ago. Now, I don't mind if people disagree with me, and I don't mind if people don't think I look like a tough guy, but what is annoying is when someone is critical without actually having listened to what I said. One of the things the reviewer in question said is that the knee shield destruction/defense against a low round kick I presented "... is a good way to get your knee broken." See "Drill Post #16: One More Destruction for details about this shield.

Anyhow, as many people have seen in the fight between Anderson Silva and Chris Wiedman, it works REALLY WELL (completely shattered Silva's shin in a most disgusting way) and Wiedman didn't even have his knee placed on Silva's instep but rather his shin AND Wiedman clearly suffered not at all for the crash.

Not that this incident would likely change the mind of the dimwit reviewer, after all, some people are absolutely devoted to their stupidity.