Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cynical But True

Seems that the more "traditional" a martial art is and the more extensive the curriculum, the more it doesn't deal directly with core issues in a useful way. So my cynical, but I think true, thought is that the reason so many people look forward to martial arts training and then quit after a short time is that they intuitively feel that what they are learning would be hard to ever apply.

Monday, May 4, 2015


Knife Seminar: Fine-Tuned Foundation and Advanced Deceptions. This is not a traditional curriculum, and will be a cross between Filipino and JKD principles. No “flow drills,” but drills focusing on timing and distance that can be done in real time against trained or untrained knife-wielding opponents. You will need hand protection and a padded knife (hard training knives won’t be appropriate for many of the drills). $40
May 23, 1-4pm, BPStudios, 618 B Moulton Ave LA Ca 90031. 
Questions? 213 625-0516