Monday, March 23, 2009


Steve's training is "non-sport" oriented, though what is taught would be relevant, even novel, in any combative context. Steve goes to lengths to consider self and situational awareness, as well as issues that ought to be "common sense" when looking at being prepared for most likely, to least likely combative eventualities.

The training is of equal utility for men, women, older and younger persons. The material is organized in a more clear-sighted and useable way than I've ever seen. Intensity of training is based solely on the abilities of the student. Training is always comfortable but challenging, and always fun.

A rarity in the millennium- I can wholly recommend Steve's instruction.
-Petar S.

Steve Grody is one of the best instructors I've ever trained with. His knowledge of JKD is both encyclopedic and functional! His eskrima/stick material is truly unique. No one is teaching material this pragmatic, this relevant and this useful.

The time I spent with Steve ranks as some of the best training I've ever done. Recommended without reservation at twice the price.
- Jay H.

Steve teaches practical, effective self defense. He discards complex, unrealistic dogma and replaces it with effective real world technique.

As a police officer, my training with Steve gives me confidence in my ability to protect myself in a real world encounter. Steve trains realistically and with one singular goal - win the fight."
- Matt K.

I wish I had studied with Steve 15 years ago. I am a very new student of his, but even after 15 years of martial arts training, I walk away from every class with a ton of new ideas and material. I consider his instruction to be truly top-shelf stuff. He's very down-to-earth, and really wants to make sure that you're learning the material.

Although LA is an incredible place to study a wide variety of arts, good martial arts teachers are very few and far-between. Steve's a great one. That's pretty rare."
- John S.


  1. Steve's training and coaching are completely pragmatic. There is no "cool" or "beautiful" technique, no "ancient Chinese secret", only what works specific to context and the practitioner.
    His ability to clearly convey ideas and principles(in context, no less) in a way that the student can quickly absorb is phenomenal.
    Stop wasting your money elsewhere and go see Steve.

  2. A friend and I had the opportunity to train with Steve back in '95, and to this day I consider most of what I teach largely influenced by that training.

    Outside of technique, what really stays with me is the way Steve breaks the material down for consumption, so that even knuckle-heads like me can retain the info, and put it to use!

    For those considering training with him, consider it an great investment in your martial future!