Tuesday, March 24, 2009


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  1. If a taller, greater reach and heavier assailant has a knife and if the defender kicks to his mid gate, isn't that overly vulnerable to the defender to get slashed? Wouldn't low gate kicks be more practical against a knife if the defender is unarmed? Also, wouldn't be more multi-functional an unarmed defender versus taller, greater reach and heavier assailant to sacrifice the extended range advantage of mid gate kicking for low gate kicking to be multi-functional?

    Pual Vunak told me to always carry a Spiderco knife and not to rely on JKD Kickboxing.

    I Don't necessarily agree but, believe kickboxing in general, needs to be more technologically evolved to drill practice wind pipe strikes with better prototype dummies and quality prototype sparring gear. I also, have discovered the kinetic mechanics in the guard and punches weren't perfected in logic and economy and can absolutely be improved!!!

    Bruce Lee invented the theory of right lead for right handers being the fastest, strongest punching to the the assailant target (orthodox southpaw / left hander's guard position)in yours and my own lifetime.

  2. The multi-functionality theory is to simplify to eliminate the technique non-essentials.

    Pepper spray and handgun has an obvious range advantage over a knife.

  3. Do you think all kicking is impractical for multiple opponent street fighting as Paul Vunak indicated in his self-defense training video?

  4. I remember Paul Vunak said "I should knife fight for multiple opponents instead of JKD kickboxing".

  5. Sorry for the excessive comment clutter.

    I thought of customizing a high impact transparent poly-carbonate face guard windpipe guard combo attached on headgear for full speed, full contact moving target windpipe punching drills.

    A police riot shield made of high impact transparent poly-carbonate could also, be used in a secondary different two man drill for punching windpipe accuracy drilling.

  6. By multi-functionality I also, meant to simplify by using the same technique / low kicking for probable diverse scenarios like fighting unarmed vs unarmed, unarmed vs primitive weapons against single and multiple opponents.

  7. Multi-functionality could also, include punching windpipes.

  8. Wouldn't kickboxing be practical if a defender couldn't pull their weapon fast enough in the scenarios previously mentioned.