Saturday, March 21, 2009

Streaming Instructional Videos

Stream on Amazon Prime Video:

Hubud/Lubud Drills


  1. Mr. Grody,

    I'm very glad to see you back "on-line", and to see you have taken your excellent videos to DVD format.


  2. I have been able to use most of your catalog in my own arsenal,thank you for the posts.
    I hope I haven't gotten burnt but I ordered your essential through Beckett media and it's all labeled wrong .When I played them ,it was the trapping series.

  3. Sifu Grody,
    I love your Videos, they are great. I have to say you are one of the most articulate instructors in JKD/Kali world out their in my humble opinion. I Enjoy your videos and I have been able to benefit extremely from your detail explanations of movement. It has helped me take my understanding of the curriculum to the next level. Thank you!
    Sifu Sean Elders