Friday, July 3, 2009

Desert Island Repertory

It's a natural thing that martial artists would be interested in acquiring more and more knowledge and skills. That's not problematic as long as one doesn't loose sight of what's essential.

The concept of "Desert Island Books" or "Desert Island Records" is interesting: If you were to be stranded on a desert island, but could take ten books, and to be generous, also ten records, which would you choose? It's a good idea to do the same thing with our martial arts training, as it's much easier to talk about many things than to narrow it down. So that's always what I suggest to students at a certain point of training; what offensive and defensive maneuvers and tactics do you feel most important to cultivate and maintain? Jab variations are essential, but a spinning back-fist is not (to me), for example. A car will function just fine without cladding, but not without all four wheels. If you are an experienced martial artist, see what you would choose to put on a single sheet of paper that would be your Desert Island Repertory.

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  1. hi steve my name is bart bisulca i have 9 dvds i would take all by the modern yip man of jun fan jeet kune do STEVE GRODY ! sectoring, trapping 1-4, hubud {just ordered},flow of kali 1,2,3,. people either get what practical is or not - four geet a bout itt! p.s. i had all your vhs tapes and saw you in pauls class on his stuff, please tell if your vhs tittles are a typo and are available on dvd if not put them on dvd please! stay good Respect,Bart